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Blood Oath - Empire Embers - Restock in January

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Step into the eerie world of Blood Oath, where fragrant mysteries and spectral scents enchant your senses. Behold the ethereal beauty that emanates from this bewitching candle, a harmonious fusion of freshly plucked roses, tantalizingly sweet apples, and a daring dash of blood orange. Allow your nostrils to dance with ghoulish delight as this otherworldly aroma weaves its spell, daring you to succumb to its irresistible allure. Be warned, for once you breathe in this scent, you'll be bewitched by its power and find yourself yearning for an eternity in its captivating embrace

We hosted a contest where we brought to life a candle created and voted on by the community. Blood Oath was conceptualized by our friends at Embers Empire and voted as the winner by our fans!

Natural Soy Wax 

Phthalate Free

Approximately 35 hours of burning when taken care of properly. You can read more on how to properly care for your candles on our FAQ/Care page

Photos by KosmicKait
Label artwork by BailsThePotato & KosmicKait
Scent concept and visualization by Embers Empire


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
100% a good floral wax melt!

i wasnt fond of the smell when i first opened the wax melt, but as soon as i started burning in my melter, it unlocked the best scents and honestly its not as strong as it is in the package! very lovely scent and would 10/10 buy again!

Spells? Vampires? Witches?

This scent is straight out of your favorite fantasy romance novel. Sultry roses, sweet apples, and blood orange? Talk about a picnic with a vampire (in the shade of course).

Amazing and Long Lasting

I've been using the candle every time I play the Resident Evil 4 remake and I'm so glad that I'll get to associate this smell with that experience. It has lasted me so many hours (I think 30 if my game hours are correct????) and always smelled amazing. I also loved the design of the "drops of blood" at the top of the candle that eventually pool and melt away with use. It's a well thought out candle 💙


Absolutely amazing smells coming together with the blood orange, subtle roses and crisp apple. a very nice summer & fall smell! can’t go wrong with blood oath!