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It's the perfect time to set your intentions and embrace new beginnings! Every New Moon, we bring back some of your old favorites to spread those good vibes all around. Don't forget to come back every New Moon and discover what magical smells await you!

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By far my favorite smell. Helps remind me of the great outdoors while I am stuck inside working all day!

Do you remember sitting around during the holidays and pass old family photo albums while your grandparents reminiscence about the old days? Spellbooks evokes that old library smell with a mix of nostalgic family gatherings

Okay. This scent is my absolute favorite! I’ve purchased this in both candles and wax melts, and I just cannot get enough of it. It reminds me of my favorite incense stick scent, “Wizard” the combination of scents cannot be beat. If you’re looking for a subtle musky but pretty scent, this is for you!

SO sweet and reminds me of my favorite blue raspberry candies

One of the most awesome experiences I've ever had!! Candles came packaged super nice and carefully to avoid any damages! Smells are amazing and the product is just incredible!!

Professional, courteous, friendly, and incredible value on each purchase here. Hand-crafted & tailored to order, you won't find a better shop to liven up your home or office!