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Birthday Cake

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A tasty treat for your nose and your senses, enjoy a blast of birthday fun with this Birthday Cake scented candle! Whether you’re celebrating your own birthday, or your bestie’s, this sweet, vanilla-infused wax brings all the joy of a candle-lit cake - without all the calories. Make every day a celebration!
Fresh out of the oven cake scent with an undertone of sweet vanilla. 

Natural Soy Wax

Phthalate Free



Approximately 35 hours of burning when taken care of properly. You can read more on how to properly care for your candles on our FAQ/Care page

Photos by KosmicKait

Customer Reviews

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It's my brithday all day, everyday

This candle (and wax) are just straight happiness in a container. If you love original birthday cake scents, I recommend this one heavily. This is one of my top 3 scents to purchase as well.
It's a lighter scent but you can smell vanilla right off the bat. If you've ever tasted butter crème, you can smell a hint of it under the vanilla, which is amazing since the two scents won't over power each other
I love lighting this candle on the weekends when I just cleaned or need a chill vibe


They’re so sparkly and pretty and the smells are very potent and amazing! This candle smells like a delicious vanilla cloud

Don't eat the wax!

Must not eat wax! No matter how tempting it is. This wax smells like a homemade cake is baking right now. The lite scent of fresh frosting accompanies it. It indeed smells like a delicious cake.


Smells amazing!

Like you're in the bakery

Title says it all, but I left out that it's like you're in the bakery, on CAKE day. My whole house smelled like a freshly baked cake for 2 days and I loved every second of it. Made me kinda hungry for a birthday cake and my wife ran to the store and got us both a slice of cake from the bakery because of it! LOL. Definite top scent and great for a birthday present!