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Mornoon Ritual - Taymichu - Restock in July

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Whether you wake up at 8am or 1pm, let Mornoon Ritual ease you into the day with its relaxing combination of bourbon, light wood, and vanilla. This subtle scent is perfect for any setting, able to keep up with whatever vibes you may be feeling at the moment, and a great reminder to give your friends all over a hearty "Good Mornoon!" Because while it's 8am somewhere- it's 1pm somewhere else!

Inspired by Taymichu

Natural Soy Wax
Phthalate Free



Photos by KosmicKait / Kosmic Kandles
Product description by Taymichu

Customer Reviews

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Omg this scent is just...INCREDIBLE. Its a perfect warm musky scent with the perfect touch of sweetness. I like melting this and getting cozy with a book on a rainy day

The answer is yes.

This is a great gentle scent. I am not sorry I got the wax melts. I wish I had got the candle though. All I know is my house smelled delicious from this.

Like libraries? You'll like this candle!

In the most normal way possible, Moornoon Ritual is what I imagine the Salvatore Library smells like. The bourbon and vanilla smells are perfectly balanced for the ultimate spicy yet cozy combination with the subtle woodsy fireplace scent. This is the perfect candle for everything from a lazy, self care morning, to comfort in productivity.

I recently combined the wax melt with my Solstice Magick candle for the ultimate cozy winter experience and it truly did not disappoint. This candle fits everything that Tay and Kait are as people and it is sure to become a staple scent.