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Why hustle when you can sloth? Let the Slothy Oak Candle turn any space into a sanctuary of relaxation and fun. Whether you're soaking in the tub, having a movie marathon, or just hanging with friends, let the sloth-inspired oakmoss & amber ambiance take you to a whole new level of chill

10% of each sale will be donated to the Sloth Conservation Foundation! This foundation works closely with local communities in South America to facilitate win-win scenarios by cultivating conditions that are beneficial to both humans and sloths🦥

Natural Soy Wax Blend
Phthalate Free

Photos by Kosmic Kandles & Sloths4Sale (Haley)

Customer Reviews

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Very subtle but amazing smell

Such a warm and cozy scent, i also really love the vibes of the candle as well and ill 100% be purchasing the actual candle very soon <3


Okay, i love most musky scents, and Slothy Oak just kinda knocks it out of the park. The scent profile includes some of my faves and its such a smooth mixture. This definitely is best for relaxing in the bath on a cold rainy day.

Also 10% of proceeds go to the Sloth Conservation Foundation, so really, what more could you ask for??

Smells like a Wood Elf's Cabin

Imagine being lost in the woods and all of a sudden, the trees begin to sway from a gust of wind and the smell of freshness fills your soul. You hear a nearby creek, and you can feel the moisture on your skin. You continue on until the smell gets stronger and you stumble upon a cabin owned by a wood elf. They greet you and make you a warm herbal blend. You feel safe. You soak in the FRESH and CLEAN wooded aroma before given supplies for your travels.

Seriously, this is the best smelling candle AND 10% of each sale will be donated to the Sloth Conservation Foundation! If you need a mix of masculine and feminine energy this is the candle for your home or office!


Best candles ever!

Truely like living at home again.

As someone who grew up in the middle of nowhere, this was a pleasant reminder of the delightful smell of the country minus the cow manure. It brings me back to warm spring and summer nights sleeping with the window open. That fresh breeze coming through the woods.

But now I live in a small city. Not exactly full of funk and stench. Still not exactly pleasant sometimes. This candle smells like home.