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Solstice Magick - KoreTheWitch - Restock in July

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As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, let the inviting fragrance of Solstice Magick transform your surroundings into a cozy haven of comfort and joy. Inspired by our friend KoreTheWitch

Immerse yourself in the rich and complex notes of spiced red wine, where the deep, robust aroma of simmering cloves and cinnamon intertwines with the subtle sweetness of orange peel. This carefully crafted blend captures the essence of a traditional mulled wine recipe, making it the perfect companion for chilly evenings or festive gatherings.

Hand-poured with precision and care, Solstice Magick is made from premium soy wax, ensuring a clean and even burn that lasts for hours. The elegant glass jar adds a touch of sophistication to any room, making it a delightful gift for loved ones or a well-deserved treat for yourself.

Natural Soy Wax 

Phthalate Free

Approximately 35 hours of burning when taken care of properly. You can read more on how to properly care for your candles on our FAQ/Care page

Photos by KosmicKait
Scent concept and visualization by KoreTheWitch


Customer Reviews

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Truly Magickal

I had never experienced the scent of mulled wine and this made me FALL IN LOVE. The cranberry, the orange, the spice, its all perfect for the winter season. this honestly cheers me up when im in a sour mood. its just so delightful idk how to say it any other way

A very solid smell.

If you like semi-sweet and fruity with a hint of spice, this is the one for you! I highly recommend you try this one.

A Scent to Enjoy All Year Long!

Bring winter into your home year round with this scent! I'm loving this scent so much and the warmth it brings me when I think back on winters past when with family and friends. It is definitely going to become a year round scent in my home.

Also, to echo a review here, please do not drink the wax no matter how tempting it may be <3

I think I got magical powers now

Amazing smell all around, got that first initial hit of cranberry it sent chills through my body I am someone who loves loves cranberry only complaint is the red wine part didn't taste very good idk I think I did it wrong. DONT DRINK THE WAX MELT PLEASE AND THANKS hehe <3

She was a fairy!

The cold throw doesn't do the hot throw justice. Just smelling it in its packaging was divine. As soon as I placed it in my wax warmer I was suddenly turned into a magical fairy in a woodsy cabin in the middle of winter—the mixture of the mulled wine, cranberry, and apple cider compliment each other so well without smelling muddy or overpowering. This scent is sophisticated with a hint of sweetness and it's truly magic(k)al.