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Gifting Good Smells Just Got EZ

Gifting Good Smells Just Got EZ

Our second big collaboration is here and this time with the goal of easy gifting! If you create content or stream on Twitch, you've probably heard of Throne. 
If you're not familiar:

 2020 saw the meteoric rise of the creator economy and people taking their success and finances into their own hands with tools like YouTube, Patreon and Twitch. However, despite all the advances to support such creators there was still no effective way for fans to gift items to their favourite creators in a safe and privacy-friendly way. 

Enter We believe that it should be possible for fans to support their creators with gifts without the creators risking privacy-related issues. Forget about sending bitcoin back and forth, setting up PO Boxes or Amazon Lockers or worrying about your private information leaking to the public. is a fully secure, concierge wishlist service that acts as an intermediary between your fans and you. Your fans pay for the gifts and we handle the rest. We make sure that the payment gets processed, that the item gets sent, and most importantly, that your private information stays private

I have used Throne here and there with some success, but have more often seen my creator friends using Throne to create wishlists and receive items of their liking from their communities! Throne even posts to a creator's Twitter feed when items are gifted, which is probably my favorite feature.

With the growth of Kosmic Kandles, I knew a platform like Throne would be a huge asset to the brand and creators alike. Kosmic Kandles is a direct extension of me, and with that comes the marketing and demographic of gamers. My interests, likes, and hobbies are ingrained into the brand I've built since 2020, and it wouldn't have been nearly as successful or fun as it is now if it weren't for my friends who share these similar interests. It was a no-brainer to implement the things I love into the brand I love. 


This opportunity would not have been possible without my friends and current partners. When Throne reached out inquiring about adding Kosmic Kandles to their Gift Store as a partnered store, there was even a specific callout of how they've seen our partners suggesting our products to them! 

Check out our good smells over on Throne and add them to your wishlists today!

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Nov 15, 2022 • Posted by Johannes

Great to have you on the platform!

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